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Book Live on Kindle


The digital version of the book has gone live on Amazon for … [Read more]

Going Mobile! (Alabama and Jackson, Mississippi …)


We apparently weren’t the only ones with the same plan … run a marathon in Jackson, Mississippi on Saturday, drive to Mobile, Alabama that afternoon, run another marathon in Mobile, and fly home that night.  Who else would want to do this?   … [Read more]

Best of 2013 – Year in Review


I sat down to write a short review of 2013 and some of the key events and milestones of the year.  I soon realized how lucky we were to have a year where our families were healthy and happy and I was filled with gratitude for the good fortune and … [Read more]

“Climbing Your Personal Everest – A Journey of Self Discovery and Leadership”


The book is RELEASED as of December 19th and available for order! To order your numbered, limited edition, signed book, mail to climbingandrunning@gmail.com or mitchalewis@live.com or click on the home page ordering tab. Twelve Principles … [Read more]

Athlinks – Running Highlights, Lowlights of 2013


According to Athlinks- these are some global highlights and lowlights of 2013.  The ones in bold are those that resonate most with me! We all acknowledge that sleep is important and pretty much all of us aren't getting enough! Just as many … [Read more]

Cheese + Beers = Cheers to Madison, Wisconsin Marathon


Once again the beauty of America was awe-inspiring.  Not just the environment – but the people themselves showed what we are all made of.  Who knew that Madison Wisconsin, the home of the Badgers, could host a marathon between two lakes, in front … [Read more]

Woodstock Marathon: Peace, Music and Running


Run Woodstock was billed as “A cel­e­bra­tion of free­dom and fit­ness: join us as we trip back to a bygone age of nature and love, cen­tered around a mantra of miles on beau­ti­ful trails in Michigan wilderness”.  We found it to be all … [Read more]

Runs with Horses Marathon, Wyoming


Until mile 22, I had done my best to combat the effects of high temperatures, altitude and heat-stroke during the Runs with Horses Marathon outside of Green River, Wyoming.  Drinking plenty of water and Gatorade at every aid station, combined with … [Read more]